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IMG_4941IMG_5764Welcome to Feyona van Stom and Willem van Stom’s site

Feyona van Stom

has lived and worked in Hong Kong, America and Australia. Studied painting in Connecticut, USA and in Sydney, Australia. Received the Diploma in fine arts and won the SCULPTURE PRIZE at Seaforth college of Fine Arts, Sydney in 1994.

Artworks are in collections in America, South America, Canada, Europe and the UK, in China and Japan and in India as well as in Australia and New Zealand and Africa.

Feyona studies pottery and clayworks with Barbara Campbell-Allen and Szilvia Szorgy at the Willoughby Workshop Art Centre, and at Richmond, and also  fires with Ceramic Study group at Oxford Falls, and with Macquarie Hills Potters.

She has been exhibiting since 1990 in galleries and local town exhibitions as well as many charity and art auctions, artsydney fairs, and In SOFA, NEW YORK and CHICAGO ( the prestigious international Sculpture, Objects and Functional Art fairs in USA ) for  7 years.

Some of the Australian galleries that have carried her work are  Mu studio and gallery, Manyung Galleries in Victoria, Mosman Art gallery, gallery 504, SOHO gallery, Global gallery, Ewart gallery, Frances Keevil galleries, gallery307, the Palm house in the Botanical gardens,  Butler Goode Gallery, Tap gallery, SAUC gallery, Mary Place gallery and Studio W in Sydney,  Cudgegong gallery in Gulgong,  Studio Altenburg in Braidwood, the Cottage gallery in Griffiths, Fusion gallery in Perth.,

Presently works are at Mu Studio and gallery in Mosman, and in Manyung galleries in Victoria.

Feyona is President of the Sculptors Society of NSW for her 8th year  and was Vice president for 3 years. She has organised their exhibitions in the Sydney CBD buildings, in Chatswood Chase, Sydney, and The Incinerator Art Space and Concourse galleries in Willoughby and Chatswood and usually exhibits in the group exhibitions.

Feyona has been invited to open several exhibitions and to be the judge of several exhibitions including gallery 307 in Northbridge, NSW and twice in Sculpture in the village in Laggan, Goulburn.

Feyona was invited by  Art Weaves and  gallery MANORA to exhibit successfully 25 of her sculptures in the gallery in Bengaluru, India  from March 3  until mid April 2017.

Feyona was on the HARBOURSCULPTURE committee 2017 , and exhibited with them.

Feyona built a 3 meter tall sculpture in CHANGSHA, HUNAN province, CHINA in 2015 – it now stands in bronze in the Huangshu Wetlands park in Changsha.

She exhibited at artsydney 07 with Kathrin Longhurst and Nadia Turner and exhibited gallery41 and  gallery artists works in artsydney 08 and artsydney 09 and the Sydney art fair  2011.

Feyona was a Director in PROJECT 504 – an artist space in St Leonard’s, North Sydney with Kathrin Longhurst – enjoying the space and time to share art with other artists.

Amuse gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Salishan gallery in Portland, Oregon have also carried her works and Show of Hands in Philadelphia, USA.

Feyona exhibited with Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery in Honolulu.

She has shown her works from 2005  at SOFA (The International exhibition of Sculptures, Objects and Functional Art) in New York for 7 years and has also exhibited at SOFA Chicago  with Maria Elena Kravetz gallery.

Feyona  also opened the gallery at Whale beach  and ran it for several years, and opened her own gallery in Woolloomooloo – gallery41 –  which was open for 7 years, exhibiting both her own works and works of other contemporary artists, including her sculptor son Willem.

Feyona loves to draw, paint and sculpt the human body and is also very interested in colours and abstract painting and the way colours make us feel. Her clay bodies are always a celebration of the human form and it’s movement. Feyona loves primitive firings and the results she gets with them from the clay. The experiment is continual, and the ideas are always changing. Clay is not the only material, as Feyona has also worked in glass, bronze, hebel, wood and metals – but clay is her preferred material.

Feyona has always enjoyed donating her works to charities and feels those sculptures come back one hundred fold to her.

Willem van Stom

Willem has been sculpting since 2006 when he realised the pieces he took out of the cars he was repairing had an interesting look to them, and could be used for something besides their original purpose. Willem has been a  member of The Sculptors Society since 2009 and has exhibited successfully and regularly in all their exhibitions.

Willem has donated works to many charities and enjoys the way his works reach people.

Willem also does many works for private commissions.

Willem also exhibited at Feyona’s gallery41 for 6 years  and participated in several group exhibitions with the National Grid gallery, gallery 307 and Global gallery in their sculpture exhibitions, the Palm House in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens and at ArtSydney 2008 and 2009, the Sydney artFair in 2011 and in Mosman Art gallery group exhibitions as well as HarbourSculpture 2017. Works are in many private collections as well as in a sculpture park in Glenorie and private sculpture gardens.

Willem has made large commissions for private sculpture parIMG_6324ks. His work is always unique.


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Phone: Feyona - +61 (0)408 226 827
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